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We will be holding a Special Election on March 15, 2022, to fill the vacant Executive Board seat after Mack Bennett of IUOE 178 retired in February 2022.

Congratulations were had at the end of the TCCLC Monthly Meeting on February 15th as our Trustees were re-elected to serve another term.

It is that wonderful time of year when we reach out to our local unions to let them know about all of the amazing scholarships for the members or children of members or children whose legal guardia


During the 2021 Municipal Elections, TCCLC ran extensive labor to labor program. TCCLC works diligently with our locals to endorse and elect pro-labor candidates. This cycle multiple locals released staff to increase member outreach - and it was a success!

Parties interested in applying for the position below will need to turn in resumes and be interviewed by the Community Outreach Committee. Please send resumes to

Resume Deadline: 7/1/21
Interview Date: 7/9/21

Position Details

Three Colling County Professors were let go while organizing their union and being proponents of off-campus instruction during COVID-19. Heaslip and Jones were officers of a recently formed local chapter of the Texas Faculty Association. Professor Jones and Professor Heaslip had criticized the college for going forward and opening the campus, risking both staff and students.

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Here is a word from our President Brian Golden 

TCCLC Brothers & Sisters,

This is a reminder that the Election for Tarrant County CLC, AFL-CIO Trustee will be held during our February Meeting on the 15th at 7 PM.

Current Trustees are Tyler Turner, OPEIU 277, John Pierce, IAM 776, and Linda Brown, CWA 6201
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Qualification to run for Trustees include being a Delegate to the TCCLC & there cannot be another Delegate from your local already serving on the Executive Board.