Political Program

Our Program

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will not use door-to-door canvassing nor traditional voter registration as part of our political program this fall. Canvassing is undoubtedly the most effective tactic for reaching voters and losing it requires us to innovate. 

Instead of knocking doors, our program will focus first on giving volunteers the training and tools to reach out to their personal networks, either at home or at work. Because they draw upon pre-existing relationships, these conversations are much more effective than traditional persuasion and GOTV direct voter outreach tactics, but they require significantly more organizing resources at the outset.

Our program will also include phone and text banking to reach members and encourage them to get out to vote, as well as ongoing efforts to register members and help eligible members sign up to vote by mail. We are asking affiliates to release staff earlier than normal to help offset the costs of paid phone and text banking and build our volunteer networks.

We will also include targeted digital and mail to members throughout the region and in targeted districts, as well as offering an expanded local union mail program to help all affiliates communicate directly with their members.

Because of the time-intensive nature of the workplace and community organizing, we hope to start our program as soon as possible, with work in July, August and September to identify, train, and develop worksite and neighborhood volunteer leads, followed by intensive phone banking and text banking outreach in September through November 3rd.