Wrapping up 2020, Looking to 2021

Here is a word from our President Brian Golden 

TCCLC Brothers & Sisters,

Thank You! to all our TCCLC delegates, volunteers, local affiliates, activists and union leaders that continued the fight for workers in the backdrop of 2020. Thank you for all your efforts throughout this awful year. However there was one positive outcome of 2020. Our GOTV this year had some wins and some losses but we did have one BIG WIN in our CLC; the AFL-CIO endorsed candidate for President and Vice President won Tarrant county by 1826 Unionvotes. Yes. We can claim that win. Those were UNION votes that won Tarrant County. Now let’s look forward to a New Year, new horizons, and put 2020 in our rearview mirror.

As TCCLC President, my focus for 2021 will be to work on growth and affiliation for the CLC. More Local affiliates mean more support and more Locals’ support means we can accomplish more for our Labor Movement. Early Spring brings our TCCLC / TX AFL-CIO Scholarship Awards, a GOTV campaign for the Arlington Mayor's race, and more. In May, we hope to hold our annual Jim Wright Memorial Golf Tournament. ‘If held’July 4th 2021, the TCCLC should participate in both the Fort Worth and Arlington Independence Day Parades to represent all Unions and working families across the county. By September, hopefully, it will be safe to gather for a 2021 Labor Day picnic like our 2019 Labor Day Picnic where we hosted over 1200 people. In October 2021 my thought is to coordinate with Locals & the United Way of Tarrant County to determine where the CLC can do the most good for working families through Union member charity and community engagement.

If the delegate body approves of this direction for our CLC, I’ll need you and your Local’s help for all these goals, events, plans and more opportunities that may arise through the year. If you have ideas to help promote Unions and the Labor movement through the TCCLC in 2021 join in January’s regular meeting and let’s get on the road!

Thanks again for all your continued support of the TCCLC!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
And as never before...I wish all my working brothers and sisters a very Happy New Year!