TCCLC Stands with Collin County Professors

Three Colling County Professors were let go while organizing their union and being proponents of off-campus instruction during COVID-19. Heaslip and Jones were officers of a recently formed local chapter of the Texas Faculty Association. Professor Jones and Professor Heaslip had criticized the college for going forward and opening the campus, risking both staff and students.

"Collin County Judge Chris Hill, who heads up the county commissioner's court, has responded harshly to the support and in his email, Hill celebrated the fact that the women’s contracts were terminated. He accused the women of “consistently and publicly deriding and destroying the very institution for which they worked.” And he falsely claimed they had engaged in “doxxing the leaders and attempting to harm their private businesses." - Observer. Link to Article

TCCLC stands with these Professors & the Texas Faculty Association in their fight with the Collin County College. President Brian Golden has sent this letter of support.