Tarrant County CLC 2021 Election Results


During the 2021 Municipal Elections, TCCLC ran extensive labor to labor program. TCCLC works diligently with our locals to endorse and elect pro-labor candidates. This cycle multiple locals released staff to increase member outreach - and it was a success!


In Fort Worth, we won 3 new seats and lost 2 as well as our endorsement for Mayor. The three new seats give Fort Worth a pro-labor-led advantage as we welcome Dr. Jared Williams District 6, Chris Nettles District 8, and Elizabeth Beck District 9 to the council. In Arlington, we won 2 of the 3 endorsed races! We welcome Mayor Jim Ross and re-elected Barbara Odom-Wesley District 8 to the Council. As our program expanded we moved into the mid-cities of Euless and Grand Prairie where both endorsed candidates have been elected. Tika Paudel Euless District 6 and Junior Ezenou Grand Prairie Place 8.


UAW Local 218 released members James Bradshaw and Johnny Clark. TWU 513 released Tevita U’hatafe, John Gardner, and James Culpen. IAM 776 released organizer Keith McCrory. Beyond the dedicated released staff, volunteers from locals and community organizations stepped up and made this program a success. Our organization knocked on 4,464 doors and made 2,100 calls to union members in the area.