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Reminder: The postmark deadline for high school seniors from affiliated union families to apply to the Texas AFL-CIO Scholarship Program has been extended this year to Tuesday, Feb. 16. Still, it would be wise for eligible students to get to it sooner rather than later.

 The program awards one-time grants of $1,500 to students chosen in a selection process overseen by Central Labor Councils and then by the Texas AFL-CIO Scholarship Committee. Students take a test on basic labor union concepts and submit to interviews by local Scholarship Committees as part of the application. 

 To be eligible, a high school senior must have a parent or legal guardian who is a member of a labor union that is affiliated both with the Texas AFL-CIO and, if applicable, a Central Labor Council. The student can, of course, fulfill that requirement with union membership.

To learn more and get the application, go to www.texasaflcio.org/scholarship

TCCLC Provides Scholarships as well. To apply for those you will follow the same guidelines as above. UNLESS your parent/guardian's local is not affiliated with the Texas AFL-CIO. Those applications must be sent straight to Tarrant County Central Labor Council at 4025 Rufe Snow Drive, N. Richland Hills, Texas 76180. Parent/ Guardian's local MUST be affiliated with the Labor Council. Anyone (affiliated with TCCLC) who submits an application to the Texas AFL-CIO will also be in the running for TCCLC scholarships. 

TCCLC Scholarships: $2500- Kendall Hill & (2) $1500 - TCCLC Scholarship
Texas Medical Institute, Doctors Guild #4- $1000

Here is a word from our President Brian Golden 

Working families deserve a leader who will focus on “we, the people,” not just on the person they see in the mirror. Only Vice President Joe Biden can be that president. I’ve known Joe for 40 years. He loves his family, loves working people and loves our country. His “Made in America” plan will revitalize America's manufacturing in a way Trump never could. Biden doesn’t only have the best plan to beat the virus and help workers recover financially—he is the only candidate for president with a plan at all. And with a Biden administration, we’ll finally pass the PRO Act, allowing workers to join a union freely and fairly.

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So America today needs more than anything solidarity and human dignity — the church's core teachings. The teaching that we are our brothers' and sisters' keepers, that we are not commodities whose value is determined by a flawed and arbitrary market, but human beings, souls, created in the image of God, and each of our worth is beyond price. And it is high time our nation's laws promoted solidarity and human dignity.

Our Constitution says that after a presidential election, Congress shall meet on Jan. 6 to count the electoral votes cast for the president and vice president. It is a solemn ritual of democracy.

But it is only that — a ritual. This ceremonial custom is not how our president and vice president are chosen. They are chosen by us, the people.

Of course, President Donald Trump and senators like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz know this. But it did not stop them from inciting an insurrection. Acting out of nothing but unprincipled ambition, they put democracy in danger.

The AFL-CIO called on President Trump to resign or be removed from office “at once, whether through impeachment or the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” following the riots at the U.S. Capitol this week. The labor group’s general board released the statement Friday, saying it is not one America's labor movement makes lightly. “The deadly storming of the U.S.